Celebrating wineries: La Halte des Pèlerins

Celebrating wineries: Domaine Les Brome

Celebrating wineries: Domaine de Lavoie

Celebrating wineries: Isle de Bacchus

Celebrating wineries: Coteau Rougemont

Toast with Québec wines: Québec wines x État-Major

Toast with Québec wines: Québec wines x le Smoking Vallée

Québec Certified Wine - The Certification

Québec Certified Wine - Harvests

Québec Certified Wine - The preparation and bottling

Québec Certified Wine - Quality assurance

Québec - Winemakers’ passion

Québec certified wine - Winemaking process of Québec wines

Québec certified wine - The tasting by the approval committee

A shared passion for Québec winemakers.

The fête des Vins du Québec

The fête des vins 2013